Change Starts from Within

Armour's David Grimes & DJ Glenn Thornton

Left to Right: Armour’s David Grimes & DJ Glenn Thornton

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At Armour we’re frequently inspired by the drive, the determination and the vision of the self-made, modern man. A new friend emerging from the local, Philly deep house music scene, DJ Glenn Thorton, (above right,) is the epitome of such a dude. His industry titles alone read like a checklist for a nefarious musical impresario: Record Label Owner, Recording Artist, Record Producer, DJ, Re-mixer, Song Writer, Vocal Recording Engineer, Internet Radio DJ and Host. Get the picture? As he continues to storm the global dance music scene, we think he’s definitely one to watch in 2014.  Check out his new CD, A Foray into Slaagerous. You won’t be disappointed.

Style Credits: Armour’s David Grimes (above left,) wears a relaxed fit, multi-stripe shirt by Old School Shirt Makers NY paired with Prospective Flow denim and black leather belt by Brave. (All available at Armour.) DJ Glenn Thorton is rockin’ a classic navy graphic T-shirt by Arka paired with dark washed, slim-fit, waxed  animal print jeans from Prospective Flow also available at Armour.

Above Image Provided by: KC Brown Photography.

Screenshot 2014-03-08 12.07.29For more slick beats check out one of our favorite throwback lounge mixes from Glenn (over an hour worth of music) CLICK HERE.